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~ Full-Service Wedding Coordination ~

Reception Site (Pre-Ceremony)​

Check in with the venues and vendors to ensure everyone has arrived and is setting up and/or have    delivered their goods according to plan.

Reception Site (Post-Ceremony)

Arrive at the reception site immediately following the wedding ceremony to ensure everything is set up and ready.

Organize the introductions of the bride/groom, wedding party, and families.

Coordinate the toasts (in conjunction with the catering director/manager, photographer/videographer).

Coordinate requests made throughout the receptions by the bride/groom.

**Additional serves are available. Contact us for details!

Wedding Ceremony Site:

Check in with the venue/vendors prior to the wedding ceremony to ensure that all vendors, i.e., florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, etc., have arrive and are setting up according to plan.

Check in with the bride/groom to ensure that everything is in place and going as planned. Assist bride with gown, distribute flowers to the bridal party and attend to any additional needs of the bride/groom and the wedding party.

Distribute flowers, corsages and boutonnieres to family members. Assist with the pinning of the corsages and boutonnieres.

Check in with the ushers to ensure they know what to when guests arrive.

Set up programs and guest book.

Assist with organizing the wedding processional to ensure everyone the wedding starts on time.

Orchestrate the photos after the ceremony in conjunction with the group liaison and the photographer.

Coordinate the bride/groom and wedding party’s transportation to the wedding ceremony and reception.

Assist the DJ with in making sure the wedding party is lined up and ready to enter the reception when he announces their entry.

Coordinate the bride and groom’s send off after the ceremony.